The story with the lentils and Diogenes's road


One day, Diogenes ate a dish of lentils while sitting on the threshold of a random house. Throughout Greece, there was no cheaper food than a soup with lentils. In other words, if someone ate lentils for a meal, it meant that he was in a state of utter destitution. An emissary from the prince's entourage was passing by, saw him, stopped and said: "Ah! Diogenes, if only you tried not to be so contumacious towards our lord, but more of a flatterer, you would not be forced to eat lentils all the time". Diogenes stopped eating, looked up and looking into the eyes of his rich interlocutor, he responded: "Oh, my poor brother! If only you learnt to eat a few lentils, you would not be forced to obey and flatter the lord all the time."

Competitiveness of Greek agricultural products abroad

Competitiveness of Greek agricultural products

Extraversion is strongly considered lately as a tool for ending the crisis. Competitiveness is a crucial factor that leads to a successful presence of the Greeks, and particularly rural enterprises. According to the business dictionary, competitiveness is defined as the ability of a company or a nation to deliver products and services that meet the quality standards of the local and international markets at competitive prices, offering satisfactory earnings, according to sources used or consumed.

Summer Season's Opening

Sarris Tavern Season Opening

We wholeheartedly wish you a good season with patience, strength and immense creativity. We are called once more to'' show'' to those who honor us with their presence, what Greece truly represents. We are called once more to make our country a more beautiful place, each of us, with his ideas,  character and professionalism.

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