Sarris Tavern Today

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Let us say a few words about the company. The Tavern Sarris, with longtime experience, offers unique and authentic flavors using pure, local ingredients, without chemical impurities. It uses local olive oils in the food, in order to produce the authentic and quality traditional flavor. It offers individually-stocked wine cellar, with each wine in its own temperature. The maintenance and cleanliness of premises and equipment is one of the main priorities, applying all rules of hygiene in accordance with FSA. The staff of Tavern Sarris is carefully selected, experienced and passionate with their work. The 19 partners are all informed and educated on the trends and changes in the market for new products for hygiene and safety, and you can observe the distinguished quality, courteous and fast service.



What distinguishes us without argue, is the love and care we put into everything we do. With continuous effort, we ensure the quality of our services in line with European and International requirements, with appropriate qualified and trained personnel, the excellence of our flavors and the traditional, pure and fresh ingredients. Coupled with the unparalleled beauty of fairy tales, the tavern lies in the centre of the medieval town. Once you wander among the medieval streets of the Old Town, with its palaces, mosques, minarets, the synagogue, the Turkish bath, the Byzantine churches, you will feel the need to relax while visiting the oasis of taste in Tavern Sarris.