Our chef recommends the indulging unique flavors of classic traditional dishes, all of them grilled specialties, Sarris fillet with shrimp burger’s godmother, duck with red wine and many more worth trying. You will be uniquely curious about what would the first-try of the truly great variety of dishes and wine should be. In Tavern Sarris, you have the choice of 260 recipes, traditional plates and THE DODECANESE selected proposals from the international cuisine. In our tavern, apart from cooked food, we offer a wide variety of meats, amazing appetizers for the lovers of seafood, so you have the opportunity to choose from the great variety of fresh fish from the Aegean sea. For those who are in constant dilemmas about their appetite, we suggest the varieties of meat or fish, so it is easier for you to make a fair decision!!! The cellar of our tavern is always full, hosting all kinds of wines and also offers the switch to try the wine from our very barrels……… which reflects the exquisite taste of Sarris!!!!!


A Few words about our suppliers …. The Tavern Sarris is faithful to quality. Using local products such as olive oil and our local wine, production of Mr. Sarris, as well as fresh ingredients from local producers, we make sure that we have all the known certificates and abide by the methods of cultivation and production rules of the European Union.

Old Town, Rhodes, Greece