How can I help as a simple citizen of the development of the city of Rhodes

1. I preserve my city clean! Sidewalks – Parks… I do not abandon animals in order to avoid increasing the stray …… I do not pollute the environment, write or smudge the buildings ….

2. I do not park on sidewalks, close the ramps for people with disabilities or park on the… stop. Instead I give priority and let the tourist and every man pass freely!

3. I’m always willing to help tourists with useful information about my city!

4. I promote local businesses and local products!

5. I try to stop the phenomenon of solicitation towards the clients (commonly caw).

6. I use the bicycle and public transport to reduce the traffic in the city center!

7. I use Facebook and generally the internet to promote the beauty of my island and my country…..

8. I stop economic exploitation (very high prices in many items and food) of tourists in certain areas of the island ….

9 I do not enter the Medieval Town of Rhodes with my car or my motorbike! (Only residents)!

10. I do not segregate tourists depending on their nationality!!

In this way tourism becomes everyone’s business, for the benefit of the city and local community‚Ķ

I respect in order to be respected!

Rhodes By Night

Old Town, Rhodes, Greece